Sunday, 27 May 2012

Little Black Bag

I have some news. If you read my last post "The Seven Deadly Sins of Beauty", you will know that as the product I would most want to recieve as a gift I had said "MAC Soft & Gentel. Well im here today to say, DON'T BUY ME IT, because I bought it. 

There it is, proof that I own it :D !!
I bought it from the MAC counter in House of Fraser for £21.50. Which yes is pricey for what is really another blush product. BUT it is amazing, I have worn it every single day since I bought it. Considering this the money dosent seem so bad. You only need a little bit of powder to get an lovley effect and I reckon it will last quite a while, (I'll let you know when I have to buy a new one). Moving on the the many many good points about this skinfinnish and more pics.

1) I looks really nice in the case, it has a lovley ripple through it and you can really see the diffrent tones and the shimmer in it.

2) I looks so nice on. It brings a little colour the cheeks and it also acts likes a higlighting product. It gives you a lovley glowing look, especially when the sun hit your face.

3) I honestly think it will go with pretty much every skin tone, I know that MAC do a similar product called "Gold Deposit" which has less pink tones and more bronze, which might work better on darkest skin tones. However, I had very very pale skin and I find that it blends in well with my tones and dosent look unatural. I also tryed the product on my friend who has a much darkest complexion and it looked great on her too.

4) I blends in nicely with other make-up. I tend to use alot of blush and other cheek products because im so pale. So when I first used this I used it on top of my usual blush products and it blended in nicely.

5) It's pretty.

I tryed to swatch for you guy but my camera isnt the best. I apply this as the final step of my make up using an angled conture brush then blend with my kanuki. I apply it on my check bones then blend it into my main colour.

I would highly recommend this product. I is really worth the money and is now part of my everyday essentials kit.

Thanks for reading, hope your all enjoying some lovely weather like me. 
Bye XxX

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