Friday, 31 August 2012

This is NOT what I paid for !

Normally when I buy a product I have researched it, or heard about but sometimes the allure of the drugstores is just too much for me. As, a result of this I have ended up with a bunch of products that are not what I wanted, needed or paid for. In other words products I regret buying. 
* Warning their will be some serious mocking *


First off, 16 hours my bahookie, more like 2 if your lucky !! Granted the colours are nice for the first 15 mins but its down hill from here. The colour wears down very quickly and they suck all the moisture out of your lips. Furthermore, you really have to work to get any colour to transfer onto your lips, spending valuable minitues colouring them in. Honestly, I think a sharpie would do a better job, harsh but true. Can we also take a moment to mock the names. Champagne Stain is the furthest colour from Champagne I have ever seen. Unstoppable Red has apparently been stoped from doing its job. Orange on the Go, will certainly be on the go since you have to reapply it every 15 minutes. Not Chuffed !!

Champagne Stain,                  Unstoppable Red,               Orange on the Go


This compact is suppose to provide a lovley glow to the user. You can either blend all five colours together or use individually. However, nither of these options is a good choice. The stripes of colour are too small to really use individually as no face brush is small enough to only pick up one colour. Also, the swirl them together option dosent work because the gold in the middle is the only one with any pigmentation, and too much of it. So, your to options are apply a very unpigment product with a ridiculously tiny brush or come out looking like C-3PO. Either way, not a good look.


I shall wait a moment while you all gasp...done? Yip, that's right it is the oh so loved lip butter that I was oh so underwhelmed by. If this product did not have all the hype attached to it then it might not have made this list but all the hype made it all the worse. Yeah, the colour is nice and the texture is nice. But, the product is so soft, my stick has been bent, beaten and squished more than a stess ball, it is just not practical. Furthermore, I found that once the product wears off my lips feel very dry which is the total opposite effect then what is advertised. I think that this product is over priced and over hyped when really it is just a pigment coloured lipbalm. Don't shoot me!
Strawberry Shortcake


It is hard to believe their is a cream eyeshadow out their that I dont like, but alas here it is. This eyeshadow is really really pigmented and normally this is a desirable trait, however when combined with a very thick texture it makes for disaster. It is so hard to work with, it dosent blend, it dosent apply where you want it to, it dosent stay where you put it, all of which are not desirable traits. Everytime I have tryed to use this I end up looking I have smeared poo all over my face. And i'm pretty sure the poo face look will never be in.

Continuing, with the bad cream eyeshadow theme, these cream duos from elf are doubly rubbish. Firstly, these have zero pigmentation,believe it or not this photo was taken after some serious product swatching and reswatching. I think you would have to use the whole contents of the pan to actully see a result. Secondly, these are the least creamy cream product ever. I would not even call them a cream, they are so thin. As if that wasnt enough, they are so blendable that they blend to nothing with the slightest bit of blending. I expected more from Elf after having heard such good things. What's worse is that really this is 8 bad products not one. Oh, did I mention that the casing broke the first time I picked it up, solid work Elf, or not so solid as it would seem.
Buttar Pecan,          Berry Mix,         Sugar Cookie,       Mocha Swirl


Woo, go America making me look stupid misspelling colour. This is clearly a product by an American company even though I bought it from a UK website. My problem with this blusher duo is not so much that it is bad, rather that it is not want I thought it was going to be. The picture on the left is the product in real life, two powdery pale blushers. The picture on the right is what I wanted, two fun, bright, vibrant blushers. I think any one with sight would think that these were not the same product. The actual prodcut is so-so the colours are kind of dull and the formula is very powdery. I wonder if i can sue for false advertising ?
What I Got                                                        What I Paid For


My main issue with this primer is the it smells revolting. Im talking rotton eggs. I dont know about you all but I do not want to spred rotton eggs on my face, who would? It is for this reason that I never use this. The smell is bad enough when applying it but the smell sticks around for a least half an hour making you smell like the bin before bin day. They should make that into a perfume!

If you like any of these products then clearly you have not experance the same issues as me. If you have my heart goes out to you. I wont tell you where to get any of these because as you can tell do not recommend them. But should you want to try them they should not be too hard to find.

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Thursday, 30 August 2012

My Wishlist

 Last month I wrote a blog called "Shoe Seducation" about my Office wishlist. I promised in that blog that I would do this every month and I meant what I said. So here is my River Island wish list. I choose River Island because I never buy anthing from there but I love the clothes.

First thing on my wish list is this Navy Enbellishes Collar Shirt Dress it is £35.00. Is simple but has nice touches such as the studded colour and little ruffel at the bottom. I think this would be so pretty with tight and a pair of boots. I will keep my watchful eye on this to come in the sale.

Number 2 on the list is this brigh coral jumper which is £25. I have seen a lot of this style of jumper around and really look it. It would be go nicely with skirts in the summer but also brighten up a dull winters day. I think that £25 is a like steep for a simple jumper, I have my eye out for a Primark dupe.

I love these chunky hardware rings and I have seen a few people around with similar ones. These are £10 for three and I am considering buying them. They are just so cool. Statment jewellery give any outfit that added touch, and I really love my finger candy. 

Yip, I am jumping on the rose gold watch !! Who dosent love a bit a rose gold ? This is £20 and looks quite chunky in the picture. I just love rose gold, I think it is much prettier and more versatile than gold. I think that I am going to go into store and see how this looks in person. But they may be the next edition to my jewellery collection.

I had to choose a make up product, especially when I found out they stock some NYX product. This is the NYX Glitterati Glitter Cream Palette and is £14. I have been addicted to buying cream eyeshadow this past month and I love a how glittery they are, perfect for nights out. However, I think £14 is too expensive since I will only really use these colour on special occasions because they are not really every day colours.

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Wednesday, 29 August 2012

Blusher Battles

I am a blush-a-holic !! I think the reason I love blusher so much is because I have such pale skin and feel it makes me look more human.  I love a bargain, who dosent, so I thought I would share with you the best bargain blusher out their (in my opinion).

Elf Studio,                    Boots Natural Collection,                   Superdrug MUA,                Technics Whipped Blusher Mousse


Elf studio blusher retails for £3.75 in the UK and is available from These blushers are not the most pigmented but give a lovley slight colour to cheeks. They also have a slight shimmer to them which adds a glow to your cheeks. Overall, these are the most expensice of the four and the colour is faint but buildable. I would give these a 6/10.
Twinkle Pink,                 Candid Coral,               Mellow Mauve


MUA blushes retails for £1 and are available from Superdrug and from These are, much more pigmented then the Elf blushers, but I also find that they are rather powdery. The colours are very matt and apply smoothly it is just a shame that they are so powdery and therefore can go a little OTT. All in all the price is great and they are definitely more than worth the money. I also give these a 6/10

Shade 4,                 Shade 2,               Shade 1,             Shade 6


Technic blushers retail for around £2.99 and are available from some bodycares and online at
These are very thick creamy blushers, these are the only four shades but they are are really lovley. They have a very slight shimmer that dosent give a very glowly look but makes the colours less matt looking on the skin. They can be blender with a brush dispite their thick texture. I really love these and woudl give them an 8/10.
Plum,                Peaches & Cream,            Candy Pink,       Pink Champagne


Natural Collection is avaiable for £1.99 from Boots and are normaly on a 3 for £5 offer. These blushers again are not the most pigmented but they are very eaisly to build up. This is great because you can have a light colour and a more full on look. They dont have any shimmer but somehow dont look totaly matt on the skin. They come in a variety of colours and are really smooht to apply. Overall these are favourites of the four and get 9/10
Sugar Plum,   Sweet Cheeks,   Rosey Glow,   Peach Melba,   Pink Cloud

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Tuesday, 28 August 2012

Night Night Sleep Tight

Since I was little my mum would always say to me "Moisturise, Moisturise, Moisturise". This has been drilled into my brain and I have now devloped a night time skin care routine. Which I will now share with you.

These are all the products that I use

Firstly, I use Superdrug "Simply Pure Calming Cleanser & Refreshing Toner". I rud the cleaner all over my face, more heavily on my eye, to revmove eye makeup. Then I wipe it off with a hot damp cotton pad. After that I pore the toner onto another cotton pad and wipe my face with that. And, thats completes the cleansing and toning portion of the routine.

Next I "Moisturise, Moisturise, Moisturise", I used to use "Avon Solutions P.M. Maximum Moisture" but I used the last of it today and it is discontinued. So, the hunt for a new night cream is on. After I moisturise, I use "Beauty Firmulas Cooling Mist", I spray a light mist then pat it into my skin. This just gives the skin even more moisture.

Then to moisturies my lips, I scrub them using vaseline and sugar, this removes any chapping and gives them moisture. 

Finally, one final wipe off with a face with and im done. I have been in this routine for a few weeks and im still trying out the cleanser and toner ( full review coming soon ).  

I try to do this everynight but somtimes I have to skip a few steps if i am really tired.

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Monday, 27 August 2012


Alongside being an a make-up lover comes the rather tedious and boring task of washing your brushes, especially when you have alot of them. I have heard of a lot of diffrent methods of deep cleaning make-up brushes and so I thought I would share my method with you all.

What Do You Need:

  •  A bunch of make-up brushes that need cleaning, oviously.
  • A bottle of baby shampoo, ( I use "Morrisons Saver Baby Shampoo")
  • A bottle of Leave In Conditioner, ( I use "Aussie Miracle Hair Insurance")
  • A small comb, ( I use "An Eyebrow/Eyelash comb")


Step One: 

Firstly, you want to squeeze a drop of baby shampoo on to the brush. 
Then wet it with hot water ( the water has to be hot kill the germs ).
Now, take the brush and swirl the brush around in the palm of your hand until clean.
Finally, rinse off the brush, removing any excess water. 

Make sure to alter the amonut of shampoo based on the size of the brush.
Try not to get to much water into the base of the brush as this could loosen the glue.

Dirty Brush                                           Clean Brush

Step 2:

Lay all your brushes out on a towel.
Then take your small comb and gently brush though each brush in turn.

This will help them keep their shape when drying.

Step 3:

Finally, spray your brushes with a leave in conditioner.
Then comb them through one last time.

This will ensure your brushes stay nice and soft.

Easy as 1, 2, 3 !

All you have to do now is leave the brushes on the towel to dry. Small eyeshadow brushes will dry in a few hours but bigger, denser brushes can take up to a day. I would not recommend using a hair dryer to dry your brushes quickly as this could melt to glue holding them together.

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Tuesday, 21 August 2012

5 Product Crushes

Oh hello. Long time no blog, almost a month, bad blogger :(
But i'm back much to your delight im sure ;)

I have recently discovered a lot of products that I am crushing on and thought I would share them with you. I have choosen my top 5 my "products of the moment".
Oh, and they are in order !!


In at number 5 is a body splash from H&M. Passionflower and Frangipani scented, and I have to say I have never heard of either of these but it would seem they are both delightfully wiffy. This has become my everyday scent and I love it. I think it is just so summery !! The product has a glitter effect in the bottle but I find that this does not transfer onto skin. The spray pump on my bottle has broken so I have to pull out the stem from inside and wipe it on my arms but needs must. This product is avaiable from H&M for £2.99


Number 4 is not suprisingly is a mascara. My life is the constant hunt for a "miracle" mascara that will transform my short, blonde, unruly lashes in Luxurious Lashes. Which coinidently is the name of the next product. "Luxurious Lashes Black Mascara" by dermaVIO. I picked this up a few months ago for 99p in body care, purly for its name and the brush intrigued me. The brush is much like that of Collections "Skylash" mascara, with long bristles on one side and short on the other. The diffrence here is that the brush is also curved. The formual is much wetter than alot of mascara I have tryed and the brush is coated with way to much product which has to wiped off. But apart from that I love this mascara, especially on top of others to give lashes that added "OMPH" !


Next up is the Collection "Lasting Perfection Concealer" in shade 2 light. This concealer is raved about in the online beauty community and I can understand why, it is just so good. I suffer from very very very bad dark undereye circles. I personally like this product because it is so thick and creamy which makes it very full coverage. Furthermore it lasts a really long time. Since having this conceler I have removed some other long term favorites from my daily routine. However, as you can see all of the writing on the packaging has gone. This is not so much a fault with the product just the packaging. I had has this product for roughly 2 days when I notice black matter on the inside of my make up bag and on my other products. I quickly relised that it was this and shortly after all the writing had rubbed off. Sort it of Collection !!


Number two is actully a discontinued product but I really do love it. It is an "Avon Colourtrend Blush in Cheeky". I honestly can not remember when I got this but I have been using it so much recently. It is a orange/peach colour that has a lot of shine, as you can see on the swatch. It is almost a blush and highlight in one. I think It is just so pretty and I wish I could get my hands on some other colors. But after scouring the world of google for hours I have come up with NADA !!


Here it is my number 1 product of the moment. "Maybelline Color Tattoos". And no I did not misspell COLOUR, Maybelline did, tut tut Maybelline UK people. Tangent Off.  I have two of these wonderful products in "On and On Bronze" and "Permanent Taupe". Tangent On. "On and On Bronze" is called "Bad to the Bronze" in the US, so how come they could change the shade name for the UK market but could not change the spelling of color to colour, sorry it really bugs me. Tangent Off. The reason I love these is because they are just so quick and easy to apply, this look really nice, they blend really well. Basically everything you want in a eyeshadow/cream. These are avaiable in pretty much every drugstore, and in Boots and Supperdrug just now they are reduced to £4.99 and are on 3 for 2. 

Thank you for reading.
I am going to be blogging everyday starting next week
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