Wednesday, 16 May 2012

Welcome to My World...

... won't you come on in !

Welcome to my blog !
I'm am starting blog because I have been inspired by:

Sprinkle and Giltter-

They have so much fun blogging and making videos, that i though it would "gee it a wack".
 I should intorduce myself properly. To quote Abba " Im nothing special, infact i'm a bit of a bore." My name is Sarah and SAS is my initials (incase you were wondering.) I am almost 18, counting to days, and am moving to Edinburgh to go to university after summer. Safe to say im am crapping it :/ My passion is drama and I am going to study acting with english.  I also enjoy to excerise my vocal chords every now and then. I love fashion and like to think i have my own little style going on (you can be the judge). Just for fun; if I had to describe myself in three words beginning with an "S" they would be... sassy, sweet and sharp.

I have a few ideas for blog posts and im gonna get cracking A.S.A.P excitment !!!

Disclaimer- I am in no way shape or form a expert on fashion, beauty or even life. But it looked like fun and perhaps i will impart and gain some wisdom.

I know that you will all wait with batted breath for my first post...

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