Wednesday, 29 August 2012

Blusher Battles

I am a blush-a-holic !! I think the reason I love blusher so much is because I have such pale skin and feel it makes me look more human.  I love a bargain, who dosent, so I thought I would share with you the best bargain blusher out their (in my opinion).

Elf Studio,                    Boots Natural Collection,                   Superdrug MUA,                Technics Whipped Blusher Mousse


Elf studio blusher retails for £3.75 in the UK and is available from These blushers are not the most pigmented but give a lovley slight colour to cheeks. They also have a slight shimmer to them which adds a glow to your cheeks. Overall, these are the most expensice of the four and the colour is faint but buildable. I would give these a 6/10.
Twinkle Pink,                 Candid Coral,               Mellow Mauve


MUA blushes retails for £1 and are available from Superdrug and from These are, much more pigmented then the Elf blushers, but I also find that they are rather powdery. The colours are very matt and apply smoothly it is just a shame that they are so powdery and therefore can go a little OTT. All in all the price is great and they are definitely more than worth the money. I also give these a 6/10

Shade 4,                 Shade 2,               Shade 1,             Shade 6


Technic blushers retail for around £2.99 and are available from some bodycares and online at
These are very thick creamy blushers, these are the only four shades but they are are really lovley. They have a very slight shimmer that dosent give a very glowly look but makes the colours less matt looking on the skin. They can be blender with a brush dispite their thick texture. I really love these and woudl give them an 8/10.
Plum,                Peaches & Cream,            Candy Pink,       Pink Champagne


Natural Collection is avaiable for £1.99 from Boots and are normaly on a 3 for £5 offer. These blushers again are not the most pigmented but they are very eaisly to build up. This is great because you can have a light colour and a more full on look. They dont have any shimmer but somehow dont look totaly matt on the skin. They come in a variety of colours and are really smooht to apply. Overall these are favourites of the four and get 9/10
Sugar Plum,   Sweet Cheeks,   Rosey Glow,   Peach Melba,   Pink Cloud

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