Monday, 28 May 2012

The Prom Dress Incident of 2012

So, I am finnishing up school after 13years :D With this immense occasion comes the even more immense decison of picking a leavers dress. Ay my school we don't have a prom type event every year it's only for the seniors/S6 who are never coming back. My dress picking journey has been a rocky one and im going to tell you all the story, so sit tight and enjoy.

Chapter 1
I started looking at dresses around November and leavers is in JUNE!!. It took me a while but I finally found one and fell in love with it.
 It was this dress but in red. It is from a website called "dressesonlinesale". I order the dress around on April 4th over two months before the event and the indicated production/delivery time was 18-23 days. I wait patiently for it to arrive, never losing excitment over it. The days rolled in and soon it was well over 23 days. I then contacted the webite through there live chat function (they dont have a phone number, which should have been my first clue). They told me that my dress was still in the factory, IT HADNET EVEN BEEN SENT OVER 30 DAYS LATER!! I was understandably peeved. Soon after this encounter I word started to spend around my year group that a lot of people where haveing similar problems with the website. This sparked a chain of cancellations from other girls in my year. The word in the corridor was that the website was nothing more than a scam which took customers money and either never sent dresses or sent very poor quality dresses. After hearing this I decied to cancel my order, telling them that I wanted a full refund and that I was no longer confortable being one of their customers.

I didnt recieve a full refund the very next day. The fact that they were able to do this does not say much for how far along in the making my dress was. After doing some research I found out that the company although they claim to be in the UK is actually based in China and there was a mulittude of other customers who had the same experance as me. So I stronyl advise to stay clear of this website. Here is a screen shot and url so you can be sure not to be conned.

Chapter 2

This sorry affair then resulted in me not having a leavers dress less than a month before the event, and so the hunt began again. After the whole mess I was warryof ordering for similar webites, so I hit ebay. I have a long history of orering from ebay and I have developed a good practise for it. On ebay a found this dress:
Lovely right ? Anyway I ordered it and paid £11.99 delivery to ensure it would arrive on time. This is were there is a slight u-turn in the story.

Chapter 3

So, because leavers was so close I decied to buy a back up dress just incase this one didnt arrive in time or was not right and such. I went up to Glasgow with my mum and bought a dress from Aftershock in House of Fraser.

This is the dress that I bought, However the ebay dress arrived on the same day ! (Cliffhanger)

Chapter 4

So to recap, I now have two dress that I like equally. I naturally turned to my friends for their opinions and advise and we decided that I was going to where the... BLUE DRESS. I didnt need to modify it a little. For example I had to cut off the red beads that you can see in one of the pic (i'm about to post) because they just looked odd. I will also have to use some body tape and where a very high heel considering the event is on a boat.

I hope you enjoy my little story, and I will be sure to post pictures 
of the event which is in just over a week :) 
Thanks for reading XxX

Before I cut off the red
Full Length

Without the red beads

The back


  1. beautiful dress!
    u so cute :D