Tuesday, 18 September 2012

Blogging ?

It's a funny little thing the world of blogging.

Today at university I had a lecture about how you define "Literature". Is it simply anything that has been written in which case we can consider a memo and a epic novel to be on par with each other. Or does the definition of "Literature" run deeper than what is seen by the eye. Is the definition to be found in the subtle subtext of the characters and plot ?

For example, you can not dispute that Jane Austins novel pride & prejudice is a important piece of "Literature", but what is it that makes it so? Not only does the novel tell the story of its protagonist but it also tackles relevant topics such as gender roles, entitlement and provides insight into the 19th century society. Do these things even contribute to it status as "Literature" or is it just the compelling, timeless love story that earns it its title among the greats.

I would define “Literature” as: a work in the written word that succeeds in telling a story while also serving some purpose or meaning. In my opinion, piece of writing, needs to elevate itself to a more meaningful level, in order to become a piece of “Literature”.

Transferring this thinking onto the world of blogging makes me wonder how you would define a blog. Is it a piece of “Literature” ?
Is it a piece of "Journalism ?
Is it a piece of "Social Media" ?
Is it a form of "Diary" ?

I see this blog, as my own little place in which to let my thought run wild, as place where opinions are gathered and shared. Although normally on the topic of beauty (sorry for the tangent). I blogs I write have many not tell a story, contain characters or by written in a traditional structure but they do have relevance to me if not others also interested in the topic.

When I read a blog say on, good shampoos for blond hair, it is relevant to me. When I read a blog review on, a lipstick I might like that has a purpose. However, I would be the last to difine a blog as a piece of “Literature”.

I am more inclined to lable it as a piece or journalism. For me that lack of plot, characters and subtext makes it so. However this does not mean that the things we take from blogs are any less relevant or meaningful.

What is your opinion ? If you have a blog what do you consider your blog to be ?
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I know this is a world away from the usual blog but this kind of topic really interests me.
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