Friday, 31 August 2012

This is NOT what I paid for !

Normally when I buy a product I have researched it, or heard about but sometimes the allure of the drugstores is just too much for me. As, a result of this I have ended up with a bunch of products that are not what I wanted, needed or paid for. In other words products I regret buying. 
* Warning their will be some serious mocking *


First off, 16 hours my bahookie, more like 2 if your lucky !! Granted the colours are nice for the first 15 mins but its down hill from here. The colour wears down very quickly and they suck all the moisture out of your lips. Furthermore, you really have to work to get any colour to transfer onto your lips, spending valuable minitues colouring them in. Honestly, I think a sharpie would do a better job, harsh but true. Can we also take a moment to mock the names. Champagne Stain is the furthest colour from Champagne I have ever seen. Unstoppable Red has apparently been stoped from doing its job. Orange on the Go, will certainly be on the go since you have to reapply it every 15 minutes. Not Chuffed !!

Champagne Stain,                  Unstoppable Red,               Orange on the Go


This compact is suppose to provide a lovley glow to the user. You can either blend all five colours together or use individually. However, nither of these options is a good choice. The stripes of colour are too small to really use individually as no face brush is small enough to only pick up one colour. Also, the swirl them together option dosent work because the gold in the middle is the only one with any pigmentation, and too much of it. So, your to options are apply a very unpigment product with a ridiculously tiny brush or come out looking like C-3PO. Either way, not a good look.


I shall wait a moment while you all gasp...done? Yip, that's right it is the oh so loved lip butter that I was oh so underwhelmed by. If this product did not have all the hype attached to it then it might not have made this list but all the hype made it all the worse. Yeah, the colour is nice and the texture is nice. But, the product is so soft, my stick has been bent, beaten and squished more than a stess ball, it is just not practical. Furthermore, I found that once the product wears off my lips feel very dry which is the total opposite effect then what is advertised. I think that this product is over priced and over hyped when really it is just a pigment coloured lipbalm. Don't shoot me!
Strawberry Shortcake


It is hard to believe their is a cream eyeshadow out their that I dont like, but alas here it is. This eyeshadow is really really pigmented and normally this is a desirable trait, however when combined with a very thick texture it makes for disaster. It is so hard to work with, it dosent blend, it dosent apply where you want it to, it dosent stay where you put it, all of which are not desirable traits. Everytime I have tryed to use this I end up looking I have smeared poo all over my face. And i'm pretty sure the poo face look will never be in.

Continuing, with the bad cream eyeshadow theme, these cream duos from elf are doubly rubbish. Firstly, these have zero pigmentation,believe it or not this photo was taken after some serious product swatching and reswatching. I think you would have to use the whole contents of the pan to actully see a result. Secondly, these are the least creamy cream product ever. I would not even call them a cream, they are so thin. As if that wasnt enough, they are so blendable that they blend to nothing with the slightest bit of blending. I expected more from Elf after having heard such good things. What's worse is that really this is 8 bad products not one. Oh, did I mention that the casing broke the first time I picked it up, solid work Elf, or not so solid as it would seem.
Buttar Pecan,          Berry Mix,         Sugar Cookie,       Mocha Swirl


Woo, go America making me look stupid misspelling colour. This is clearly a product by an American company even though I bought it from a UK website. My problem with this blusher duo is not so much that it is bad, rather that it is not want I thought it was going to be. The picture on the left is the product in real life, two powdery pale blushers. The picture on the right is what I wanted, two fun, bright, vibrant blushers. I think any one with sight would think that these were not the same product. The actual prodcut is so-so the colours are kind of dull and the formula is very powdery. I wonder if i can sue for false advertising ?
What I Got                                                        What I Paid For


My main issue with this primer is the it smells revolting. Im talking rotton eggs. I dont know about you all but I do not want to spred rotton eggs on my face, who would? It is for this reason that I never use this. The smell is bad enough when applying it but the smell sticks around for a least half an hour making you smell like the bin before bin day. They should make that into a perfume!

If you like any of these products then clearly you have not experance the same issues as me. If you have my heart goes out to you. I wont tell you where to get any of these because as you can tell do not recommend them. But should you want to try them they should not be too hard to find.

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