Tuesday, 24 July 2012

Eyeliner ?

I am the first to admit that I, well, I am the worlds worst eyeliner putter on'er ever !!!!

I just can not apply eyeliner neith pencil or liquid. One problem is that I do not have a steady hand and I dont really have any other excuse. Everytime I have tryed it has ended up looking very uneven and like I have a black eye. IT IS SO FRUSTRATING !!!!

Believe me I have spent many hours in the past trying to learn this skill that everyone else seems to have down to a tee, but to avail. Today, I decided to try and achieve an eyeliner look using black eyeshadow. I used "Blackout" from the naked 2 palette. I got anlong much beter with this but it still dose not look quite right ?

  This is the finnished result and from far way it looks ok, but close up is a diffren story
( be prepared for some very goofy pics, it is suprisingly hard to take pics of your own eyes )

Firstly, yes one eye is bigger than the other, let's not get into that now.
As you can see this is not great, im telling you I am really not good.

I require your wisdom
Anyone have any tips or tricks to help me out ?

Thanks for reading

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