Saturday, 29 March 2014

Shoping the Sales

With the sales drawing to a close I took a last look threw and find some gems. If I wasn't a poor student I would buy it all but you know rent before fashion.  I recommend keeping a close eye on sales around this time as great items are often super marked down, particularly look at shops you cant normally afford and see if you can treat yourself without breaking the bank.

Urban Outfitters:

Urban Outfitters is way too pricey for me normally but I found two items I really love in the sale. Firstly this loose fitting tea dress really suits my simple style, personally I am trying to move away from black and so opted for the grey. Another gem in the sale is this pvc skirt, I love the shape as I think it would be flattering on loads of body shapes and I have to say I am a fan of pvc I think if styled well it can be a great alternative to wearing loads of bling.

£20                                                    £90

River Island:

These dresses are a similar style and yet I think you can justify both. The first is this black drop waist dress with side panels. This dress is great for those of us that don't really have curves as the panels create the illusion of a small waist and the drop wait apps volume around the hips creating a more voluptuous figure. The second dress is super summery, the bright colour and fun print are perfect for the sunny weather. This dress would be played down with sandals and sunnies or dolled up with heels.

£12                                                   £10


Topshop is a shop that I don't own any clothes from, I often like their stuff but I think it is way over priced for the high street. However I did find this gorgeous wrap skirt in their sale. I love wrap skirt because they are a perfect cross between fun and sophisticated and this one had the added bonus of being textured. Wrap skirts are versatile and work for lots of different occasions you really can't lose.



No wishlist would be complete without a pair of shoes and these one are stunning. A simple elegant heel that is not impossible to walk in as they are chunky and have an ankle strap. These beauties would polish off any look, just make sure you have tended too tootsie's.

Judgement Day Black Glove Leather


 Thanks for reading. XxX

Make Up Clear Out

I am a hoarder with make-up I hate letting go of anything I spent my hard earned pennies on !! But their comes a time in every make-up obsessives life when she has to say 'enough is enough' and have a giant clear out. For this particular obsessive it was prompted by a move, in around two months I am moving into a new flat and the thought of dragging a bunch of unused make-up with me was too much. So the cut-throat clear out began...

Each and every container of make-up was ransacked, I was very harsh with myself and only kept items that I either, love and use often or that I felt I hadn't given a good enough try yet. The result was a giant pile of stuff to be CHUCKED !! 

Don't get me wrong I still have a whole ton of make-up and so I thought this was the perfect time to invest in so proper storage. Like any good beauty community member I turned to Muji. I have never purchased anything for Muji and I don't have a shop near so I bought from their online shop. I opted for two of items from the acrylic storage section, time w ill tell if that is enough. 

 Acrylic Box - 2 Drawers With Flip-Top Lid Wide and the Acrylic 5 drawer box.

My plan is to keep eye and lip products in the 5 drawer box and face products in the flip-top box. This still left the question of where to store my foundations and palettes. Then I remembered a box I saw in the H&M home department and so I bought it to store my foundations. I think this wooden box will look nice with the acrylic boxes and make it a bit less simple.

This still leaves me with the problem of storing my many many palettes but that is a problem for another day. 

Thanks for reading XxX