Monday, 28 May 2012

The Prom Dress Incident of 2012

So, I am finnishing up school after 13years :D With this immense occasion comes the even more immense decison of picking a leavers dress. Ay my school we don't have a prom type event every year it's only for the seniors/S6 who are never coming back. My dress picking journey has been a rocky one and im going to tell you all the story, so sit tight and enjoy.

Chapter 1
I started looking at dresses around November and leavers is in JUNE!!. It took me a while but I finally found one and fell in love with it.
 It was this dress but in red. It is from a website called "dressesonlinesale". I order the dress around on April 4th over two months before the event and the indicated production/delivery time was 18-23 days. I wait patiently for it to arrive, never losing excitment over it. The days rolled in and soon it was well over 23 days. I then contacted the webite through there live chat function (they dont have a phone number, which should have been my first clue). They told me that my dress was still in the factory, IT HADNET EVEN BEEN SENT OVER 30 DAYS LATER!! I was understandably peeved. Soon after this encounter I word started to spend around my year group that a lot of people where haveing similar problems with the website. This sparked a chain of cancellations from other girls in my year. The word in the corridor was that the website was nothing more than a scam which took customers money and either never sent dresses or sent very poor quality dresses. After hearing this I decied to cancel my order, telling them that I wanted a full refund and that I was no longer confortable being one of their customers.

I didnt recieve a full refund the very next day. The fact that they were able to do this does not say much for how far along in the making my dress was. After doing some research I found out that the company although they claim to be in the UK is actually based in China and there was a mulittude of other customers who had the same experance as me. So I stronyl advise to stay clear of this website. Here is a screen shot and url so you can be sure not to be conned.

Chapter 2

This sorry affair then resulted in me not having a leavers dress less than a month before the event, and so the hunt began again. After the whole mess I was warryof ordering for similar webites, so I hit ebay. I have a long history of orering from ebay and I have developed a good practise for it. On ebay a found this dress:
Lovely right ? Anyway I ordered it and paid £11.99 delivery to ensure it would arrive on time. This is were there is a slight u-turn in the story.

Chapter 3

So, because leavers was so close I decied to buy a back up dress just incase this one didnt arrive in time or was not right and such. I went up to Glasgow with my mum and bought a dress from Aftershock in House of Fraser.

This is the dress that I bought, However the ebay dress arrived on the same day ! (Cliffhanger)

Chapter 4

So to recap, I now have two dress that I like equally. I naturally turned to my friends for their opinions and advise and we decided that I was going to where the... BLUE DRESS. I didnt need to modify it a little. For example I had to cut off the red beads that you can see in one of the pic (i'm about to post) because they just looked odd. I will also have to use some body tape and where a very high heel considering the event is on a boat.

I hope you enjoy my little story, and I will be sure to post pictures 
of the event which is in just over a week :) 
Thanks for reading XxX

Before I cut off the red
Full Length

Without the red beads

The back

Collective Haul Video

Just showing shome suff that I have purchased over the last month and a bit :) Enjoy
sorry about the thumbnail !

Thanks for watching XxX

Sunday, 27 May 2012

Room Tour

My first video !! Showing the room where I do all my blogging and filming :D

Thanks for watching. Bye XxX

Little Black Bag

I have some news. If you read my last post "The Seven Deadly Sins of Beauty", you will know that as the product I would most want to recieve as a gift I had said "MAC Soft & Gentel. Well im here today to say, DON'T BUY ME IT, because I bought it. 

There it is, proof that I own it :D !!
I bought it from the MAC counter in House of Fraser for £21.50. Which yes is pricey for what is really another blush product. BUT it is amazing, I have worn it every single day since I bought it. Considering this the money dosent seem so bad. You only need a little bit of powder to get an lovley effect and I reckon it will last quite a while, (I'll let you know when I have to buy a new one). Moving on the the many many good points about this skinfinnish and more pics.

1) I looks really nice in the case, it has a lovley ripple through it and you can really see the diffrent tones and the shimmer in it.

2) I looks so nice on. It brings a little colour the cheeks and it also acts likes a higlighting product. It gives you a lovley glowing look, especially when the sun hit your face.

3) I honestly think it will go with pretty much every skin tone, I know that MAC do a similar product called "Gold Deposit" which has less pink tones and more bronze, which might work better on darkest skin tones. However, I had very very pale skin and I find that it blends in well with my tones and dosent look unatural. I also tryed the product on my friend who has a much darkest complexion and it looked great on her too.

4) I blends in nicely with other make-up. I tend to use alot of blush and other cheek products because im so pale. So when I first used this I used it on top of my usual blush products and it blended in nicely.

5) It's pretty.

I tryed to swatch for you guy but my camera isnt the best. I apply this as the final step of my make up using an angled conture brush then blend with my kanuki. I apply it on my check bones then blend it into my main colour.

I would highly recommend this product. I is really worth the money and is now part of my everyday essentials kit.

Thanks for reading, hope your all enjoying some lovely weather like me. 
Bye XxX

Monday, 21 May 2012

7 Deadly Sins of Beauty

The Sins

1. GREED: What is your most inexpensive beauty item? What is your most expensive?
My most expensive item is my YSL Golden Gloss, I got this donkeys ago and I do believe it was a gift. I had a quick cheap on line and found that it is around £22 which is rather expensive for a lip gloss. However, I do really love this gloss, it is so lovley and sparkly.

My least expensive is my Body Collection lipstick in Frosted Barley. I picked this for 99p in Body Care. I didnt have high expectations for it because it was so cheap, but I really love it.  It dosent dry out my lip at all and is a really nice neutrel colour, great for everyday use.


2. WRATH: What beauty products do you have a love/hate relationship with? 

I had to choose my bronzer, because im so pale I feel like it sometimes looks very unnatural on my, however when its nice and sunny outside I start to like it because it gives me a nice glowy look. I use Body Shop Bronzing Perals in  "Perles de Soleil". 

3. GLUTTONY: What are your most delicious beauty products?

I knew as soon as I read this sin what product to pick. It had to be my Hawaiian Tropic Lipgloss in Island Berry. It actully tastes so GOOD. When ever I put it on its gone is 5min because I lick it all off. Tut Tut. I found one online because this one was given to me buy my sister so if you want to give it a whirl then:

4. SLOTH: What beauty product do you neglect, due to laziness?
For this sin I choose eyeliner, and I know that this is like a beauty essential but for my everyday look I often can not be bothered. This is partly because I am really bad at applying it, I have such a shaky hand and it almost alway looks messy and I really cant cope with liquid liner, as much as I wish I could. When I do wear eyeliner my fave one is from Asda and it their eyeliner pencil in brown and I love it, having sade this because of my eyeliner complex I havent tryed that many but still definetly neglated due to laziness.

5. PRIDE: What beauty product gives you the most self confidence?
I have choosen a very basic product. My Vaseline Lip Therapy in Pink. I love this so so so much I always have it with me and I own about 7 of them. Even if im going out without any make-up one I will always pop a bit of this on cause I love it so much. I always feel lost when I dont have it out with me. 

6. LUST: What attributes do you find most attractive in the opposite sex?
This sin is rather odd, and it's a bit hard to think. Im not so shallow that I only go for looks. But in terms of look I like a buy with good hair and nice eyes. However personality is more important for me.
7. ENVY: What items would you most like to receive as a gift?
I really really want is MAC Soft and Gentle, Sprinkel of Gittler loves this and when she wears it i always think it look so lovley. However I dont own any MAC make-up because its so expenisve and i am quite a frugal person. However I may have to pop my MAC cherry for this.

Hope you enjoyed this blog,  Love XxX

MUA Madness

I want to the Superdrug 3 for 2 at the weekend and bought quite a bit of MUA (makeup academy) bits and bobs. So, I thought I would show you.

First up eyeshadow:

I only got on eyeshadow trio and it's called "Innocence.  The colour are lovley, and they do have a little bit of a shimmer which is really nice. The three colours also really compliment each other. I used this on my eye the first night I bought it, I used the darkest brown as a liner, the middle brown colour as lid coverage and the lighest colour as a highlight. It look really nice, it's not too fancy so you can wear it casually, and the trio is only £2.50 which is great.

I also bought five lipsticks. I bought theese because I actully only had one lipstick, cause im really more of a gloss gal. My one lipstick I bought when I was about 13 and it is a really unfalettering colour on me and it really washed me out. So, I bought so new ones, YAY!!

Shade 16 Nectar, Shade 8, Shade 9, Shade 12, Shade 15 Juicy

These lipsticks are only £1 each, and for the money they are really rather good. The only down sideis that they do dry out my lips a little but if you put a lillte bit of gloss of the top then, problem solved. The colours area all really nice and pigmented as you can see from the swatches. I list the shades above but they dont all have pretty names only the new ones do. These are five of the best colour I think and they actually don't do that many shades but hopefullt they will bring out some more soon.

I bought two of  MUA lip glosses once I discovered that the lipsticks did dry out my lips a bit. So I thought I would try out the MUA glosses. I bought one of the lip plumbing glosses in "Buff", which is a really nice netural colour with a peachy tint. The other gloss is just a one of their normal glosses in shade 1. This gloss is a really nice over lipstick gloss, because it dosent have a lot of colour it's just shine. It also smells, so amazing, it smells like vanilla ice cream. The lip glosses are also only £1, but the plumbing one are £2 a believe but still very cheap.

Safe to say im a am a lover of MUA, it's so cheap but not cheap looking as you would expect. You can get your hands on this range in superdrug or online

Thanks for reading :)XxX

Friday, 18 May 2012


I have decided to do a blog about how to wave your hair, using a hair waver. I recently attempted this when trying out hair styles for my prom (which i will blog about). I thought and look quite nice. SO this is how it done.

Here's one I made earlier:

What you will need: 

  • Hairspray
  • A comb
  • Some salon style clip, (the more hair you have the more you need),pictured below
  • Finally a three barrel hair waver, pictured below.

I use the "Cosmopolition Full Body Multi Hair Stlying Kit", whch you can but from argos, (, for £24.99.

Here's the steps:

1) You will need to wave your hair in layer so seperate off the top layer and work fomr the bottom. If you have very curly hair i would suggest straightening your hair first, otherwise you wont get such a clean wave. 

2) Take the strip of hair brush out any tugs and spray it with hairspray.

3) Take the waver and start at the top of the strip in hold it in place for about 10sec (thicker hair will take longer), pressing to waver down as tightly as you can.

4) Move the move down your hair, so that the first barrel takes the place of the third, until you reach the bottom. Here a demonstration from Type F:

5) Clip the wave all the way down, then spary it again.

6) Repeat untill all your hair is wavy, you can take out the salon clips and move them to the next strand of hair, they are just to keep the shape of the waver while the hair cools.

One thing I do is leave it over night then lightly brush my hair in the moring to create a softer wavy look.

Hope you enjoyed this blog :) have a great day, I'm off for a little retail therapy !! XxX


Wednesday, 16 May 2012

What's in my purse ?

I have decided that my first blog will be a "whats in my purse blog", because i just got a new purse which im rather in love with and it also seems like a good starting point. 

The Purse

 This is my purse, it is the clasp style that is everywhere just now. I love to astec pattern and it had really bright colours although you can't really see it in the picture. This purse was £6, from Peacocks. ( I thought this was rather a good price, considering how lagre it is e.t.c.

 The Contents

  Money !!! Very little money but still. I have to admit cash flow is a touch non-existent just now BUT it's payday on Friday !!! I currently have £16.50 and a whole load of coppers. I always carry copper because i hate when something is like £6.72 and you have to give them £7 then they give you coppers for change. IT'S A VICIOUS CIRCLE !!!

 I also have a trolly coin, oddly it's from Sainsburys, and I dont know why because i NEVER shop there. And I also have to Look vochers so that i can get the next two editions of "Look" for only a quid, Yahtzee.

  Three of my most important cards. Firstly, most importantly my "money card". I actully hate it ! This may seem strange but I have reasons, i can't use the card in the chip and pin machines which is really irritating and also I have a Nationwide smart card, which is a kids account for 12 year olds. But their is a light at the end of the tunnel because im getting a proper current account when i go to uni and september :) I repeat Yahtzee ! Then i also carry my Morries discount card cause you never know when your gonna have to save 2p (it's a cruddy discount). And finally, I am welling up to say it but my provisional driving license :( I really really want to pass my teast but need need a few more lessons. However when i pass there will be a great deal of celebration! Although motivation is somewhat lacking as even when I do pass, i can't afford a car, my parents won't put me on their insurance and I wont be able to drive for at least 4 years after I pass my test. Not so Yahtzee :(

 My SCN card, oh yes, it's that time of year EXAMS. But im already in uni so not as stressed this time round. I have have my movie cards for both showcase and odeon, I really know how they work its some kind of point thing, anyone enlighten me ? Dont laugh at the picture, I have a national entiltlement card that gets me cheaper bus and train fares, everylittle help (slaps bum).

 Organ donor card. I have been an organ donor since I was 12 and encourage everyone to become one. I honestly can not think of any reason why you would not be one? I you have not regristed then here the link:

Lastly, I carry I library card. Not because i'm a big reader but and i'm a little ahamed to admit it but I borrow story types :/... Anyway i also have a little mini one for my keys which i think is just so cute. Some of you may alos be wondering why my keys are on a climbing hook, and ill tell ya. I dont know how to work keyrings, I swear, they baffle me. So, it's much eaiser to have them on the hook.

Thank you ever so, for reading. I know this was a short blog but it's about 2 in the am and my bed is starting to look very alluring :) Night all XxX