Wednesday, 16 May 2012

What's in my purse ?

I have decided that my first blog will be a "whats in my purse blog", because i just got a new purse which im rather in love with and it also seems like a good starting point. 

The Purse

 This is my purse, it is the clasp style that is everywhere just now. I love to astec pattern and it had really bright colours although you can't really see it in the picture. This purse was £6, from Peacocks. ( I thought this was rather a good price, considering how lagre it is e.t.c.

 The Contents

  Money !!! Very little money but still. I have to admit cash flow is a touch non-existent just now BUT it's payday on Friday !!! I currently have £16.50 and a whole load of coppers. I always carry copper because i hate when something is like £6.72 and you have to give them £7 then they give you coppers for change. IT'S A VICIOUS CIRCLE !!!

 I also have a trolly coin, oddly it's from Sainsburys, and I dont know why because i NEVER shop there. And I also have to Look vochers so that i can get the next two editions of "Look" for only a quid, Yahtzee.

  Three of my most important cards. Firstly, most importantly my "money card". I actully hate it ! This may seem strange but I have reasons, i can't use the card in the chip and pin machines which is really irritating and also I have a Nationwide smart card, which is a kids account for 12 year olds. But their is a light at the end of the tunnel because im getting a proper current account when i go to uni and september :) I repeat Yahtzee ! Then i also carry my Morries discount card cause you never know when your gonna have to save 2p (it's a cruddy discount). And finally, I am welling up to say it but my provisional driving license :( I really really want to pass my teast but need need a few more lessons. However when i pass there will be a great deal of celebration! Although motivation is somewhat lacking as even when I do pass, i can't afford a car, my parents won't put me on their insurance and I wont be able to drive for at least 4 years after I pass my test. Not so Yahtzee :(

 My SCN card, oh yes, it's that time of year EXAMS. But im already in uni so not as stressed this time round. I have have my movie cards for both showcase and odeon, I really know how they work its some kind of point thing, anyone enlighten me ? Dont laugh at the picture, I have a national entiltlement card that gets me cheaper bus and train fares, everylittle help (slaps bum).

 Organ donor card. I have been an organ donor since I was 12 and encourage everyone to become one. I honestly can not think of any reason why you would not be one? I you have not regristed then here the link:

Lastly, I carry I library card. Not because i'm a big reader but and i'm a little ahamed to admit it but I borrow story types :/... Anyway i also have a little mini one for my keys which i think is just so cute. Some of you may alos be wondering why my keys are on a climbing hook, and ill tell ya. I dont know how to work keyrings, I swear, they baffle me. So, it's much eaiser to have them on the hook.

Thank you ever so, for reading. I know this was a short blog but it's about 2 in the am and my bed is starting to look very alluring :) Night all XxX