Tuesday, 28 August 2012

Night Night Sleep Tight

Since I was little my mum would always say to me "Moisturise, Moisturise, Moisturise". This has been drilled into my brain and I have now devloped a night time skin care routine. Which I will now share with you.

These are all the products that I use

Firstly, I use Superdrug "Simply Pure Calming Cleanser & Refreshing Toner". I rud the cleaner all over my face, more heavily on my eye, to revmove eye makeup. Then I wipe it off with a hot damp cotton pad. After that I pore the toner onto another cotton pad and wipe my face with that. And, thats completes the cleansing and toning portion of the routine.

Next I "Moisturise, Moisturise, Moisturise", I used to use "Avon Solutions P.M. Maximum Moisture" but I used the last of it today and it is discontinued. So, the hunt for a new night cream is on. After I moisturise, I use "Beauty Firmulas Cooling Mist", I spray a light mist then pat it into my skin. This just gives the skin even more moisture.

Then to moisturies my lips, I scrub them using vaseline and sugar, this removes any chapping and gives them moisture. 

Finally, one final wipe off with a face with and im done. I have been in this routine for a few weeks and im still trying out the cleanser and toner ( full review coming soon ).  

I try to do this everynight but somtimes I have to skip a few steps if i am really tired.

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