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Alongside being an a make-up lover comes the rather tedious and boring task of washing your brushes, especially when you have alot of them. I have heard of a lot of diffrent methods of deep cleaning make-up brushes and so I thought I would share my method with you all.

What Do You Need:

  •  A bunch of make-up brushes that need cleaning, oviously.
  • A bottle of baby shampoo, ( I use "Morrisons Saver Baby Shampoo")
  • A bottle of Leave In Conditioner, ( I use "Aussie Miracle Hair Insurance")
  • A small comb, ( I use "An Eyebrow/Eyelash comb")


Step One: 

Firstly, you want to squeeze a drop of baby shampoo on to the brush. 
Then wet it with hot water ( the water has to be hot kill the germs ).
Now, take the brush and swirl the brush around in the palm of your hand until clean.
Finally, rinse off the brush, removing any excess water. 

Make sure to alter the amonut of shampoo based on the size of the brush.
Try not to get to much water into the base of the brush as this could loosen the glue.

Dirty Brush                                           Clean Brush

Step 2:

Lay all your brushes out on a towel.
Then take your small comb and gently brush though each brush in turn.

This will help them keep their shape when drying.

Step 3:

Finally, spray your brushes with a leave in conditioner.
Then comb them through one last time.

This will ensure your brushes stay nice and soft.

Easy as 1, 2, 3 !

All you have to do now is leave the brushes on the towel to dry. Small eyeshadow brushes will dry in a few hours but bigger, denser brushes can take up to a day. I would not recommend using a hair dryer to dry your brushes quickly as this could melt to glue holding them together.

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