Tuesday, 21 August 2012

5 Product Crushes

Oh hello. Long time no blog, almost a month, bad blogger :(
But i'm back much to your delight im sure ;)

I have recently discovered a lot of products that I am crushing on and thought I would share them with you. I have choosen my top 5 my "products of the moment".
Oh, and they are in order !!


In at number 5 is a body splash from H&M. Passionflower and Frangipani scented, and I have to say I have never heard of either of these but it would seem they are both delightfully wiffy. This has become my everyday scent and I love it. I think it is just so summery !! The product has a glitter effect in the bottle but I find that this does not transfer onto skin. The spray pump on my bottle has broken so I have to pull out the stem from inside and wipe it on my arms but needs must. This product is avaiable from H&M for £2.99


Number 4 is not suprisingly is a mascara. My life is the constant hunt for a "miracle" mascara that will transform my short, blonde, unruly lashes in Luxurious Lashes. Which coinidently is the name of the next product. "Luxurious Lashes Black Mascara" by dermaVIO. I picked this up a few months ago for 99p in body care, purly for its name and the brush intrigued me. The brush is much like that of Collections "Skylash" mascara, with long bristles on one side and short on the other. The diffrence here is that the brush is also curved. The formual is much wetter than alot of mascara I have tryed and the brush is coated with way to much product which has to wiped off. But apart from that I love this mascara, especially on top of others to give lashes that added "OMPH" !


Next up is the Collection "Lasting Perfection Concealer" in shade 2 light. This concealer is raved about in the online beauty community and I can understand why, it is just so good. I suffer from very very very bad dark undereye circles. I personally like this product because it is so thick and creamy which makes it very full coverage. Furthermore it lasts a really long time. Since having this conceler I have removed some other long term favorites from my daily routine. However, as you can see all of the writing on the packaging has gone. This is not so much a fault with the product just the packaging. I had has this product for roughly 2 days when I notice black matter on the inside of my make up bag and on my other products. I quickly relised that it was this and shortly after all the writing had rubbed off. Sort it of Collection !!


Number two is actully a discontinued product but I really do love it. It is an "Avon Colourtrend Blush in Cheeky". I honestly can not remember when I got this but I have been using it so much recently. It is a orange/peach colour that has a lot of shine, as you can see on the swatch. It is almost a blush and highlight in one. I think It is just so pretty and I wish I could get my hands on some other colors. But after scouring the world of google for hours I have come up with NADA !!


Here it is my number 1 product of the moment. "Maybelline Color Tattoos". And no I did not misspell COLOUR, Maybelline did, tut tut Maybelline UK people. Tangent Off.  I have two of these wonderful products in "On and On Bronze" and "Permanent Taupe". Tangent On. "On and On Bronze" is called "Bad to the Bronze" in the US, so how come they could change the shade name for the UK market but could not change the spelling of color to colour, sorry it really bugs me. Tangent Off. The reason I love these is because they are just so quick and easy to apply, this look really nice, they blend really well. Basically everything you want in a eyeshadow/cream. These are avaiable in pretty much every drugstore, and in Boots and Supperdrug just now they are reduced to £4.99 and are on 3 for 2. 

Thank you for reading.
I am going to be blogging everyday starting next week
See You Soon

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