Sunday, 13 January 2013

Mini MAC Collection

Not only am I beauty lover but I am also a student, therefore it takes a great deal of love for a product to get me to part with my hard earned cash.
 MAC is held up as one of best high end make-up brands and lets face it, it's not what we call cheap ! This mean that my mini MAC collection are all products that I really love.
So here's a little MAC collection:

As you can see I have five MAC products,
all of them are very loved and pretty basic everyday products.

My Three Lipsticks:
- The first lipstick I ever bought is called "New York Apple" it is a Frost and MAC describes it as a muted red with pink shimmer. (Pictured Left)
-My most recent MAC lipstick purchase was "Viva Glam V", a neutral pink with pearl in the Luster finnish. (Pictured Middle)
- The second lipstick I bought is the well knowen "Rebel it is a Satin finnish and is described as a midtone cream plum. (Pictured Right)

My other MAC products:
- My most recent MAC purchase is a paint pot in "Bare Study" it is a soft beige with gold pearl. (Pictured Top)
The first MAC product I ever bought was a mineralise skinfinsh in "Soft and Gentle" and it is described as a giled peach bronze. (Pictured Bottom)
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