Thursday, 3 January 2013

New Year - New Lease

Hello, I will not even bother saying "Long Time No See" because that does not even cover the amount of time I have been absent. My only reason being that uni life took over and blogging took a backseat. 

I know that as a new blogger I really need to try and be posting very often, and so my new year blogalutions to you are this:

1) To try and publish a new short post evey Wednesday-
                                - Face Of The Day's
                                - Outfit Of The Day's
                                - Genral Beauty Related Content !!

2) To try and publish a new long post every Sunday-
                                 - More Indepth
                                 - More Photo's
                                 - Just More !!

3) To try and publish one wishlist post every month-
                                   - Fashion
                                    -Lifestyle !!

4) To try and merge my blog and youtube channel-
                                   - StylishSAS !!


I know I have have said that I will "TRY" to achieve these thing and I really will but sometimes life may get in to way. But, i will "TRY" my best !!

Wish Me Luck

See You On Sunday :)
Sundays Post- "Christmas Beauty Gifts : First Impressions" 

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