Saturday, 7 July 2012

Shoe Seduction

So, everytime I find my self walking by an "Office" shop I simply cannot resist pressing my face up against to window and making several "oh ah" sounds. As much as I love the shoes, there are more than a little out of my price range :( I am going to use this blog to indulge myself by posting my current Office faves. I have also decided that I am going to do a blog like this every month but choose a diffrent shop each time. Enjoy!

First up are these lovley  "Castaway Sandals"- I love the white colour because its much fresher for summer and the beaded detailing combined with the fringe is amazing. The colours are really bright, perfect for summer. I can imagine these with all my little summer dresses, however at £38 thats is way out my price range, look like I will be sticking to primark sandals this summer.

Next are the "Weaponize Wedges"- First of all how amazing is this colour !! I love wedges because they can be styled for day or night, unlike heels which I feel really are better for evening. I alos love the little gold trim, it just adds a little OMPH. The platform at the frount also means they arent to high, so won't kill your feet. These lovleys are £55, and hopefully when I am rich one day I will be tracking these done.

In at number three "Jeffrey Campbel Foxy Spike Heels"- Oh how stunning. I so want these for future nights out but I so cannot afford them. I think these are so great, I love the classic shoe with the edgy spikes. These shoes are also leather so they will last a lifetime. Once again, the frount platform and chucky heel means they will be fairly comfortable, I just hope those spikes are not to sharp. However for £125 the spikes better be 24 carrot gold !

Next up are these not very summery "Strap Fur Boots"- Ok, yes it is July but at the end of the dayI live is Scotland and summer last all of a week. I have a pair of balck knee high boots but dont have any in brown. I think these are one thing my wardrobe is really lacking. The furry inner means these will be unbelievably cosy and I also like how chunky they are. I like them folded up and down and will definitely be shopping around for a dupe.What am I about to tell you will probably think I am the most stingy person ever, but these boots are actually on sale. Marked down from £150 to £65, however still about £40 out my price range.

Lastly are these "Joules Evedon Wellies"- Oddly for living in Scotland I dont own a pair of wellies. I feel I really need a pair as my sister has roped me into going up the the stables to she her horse. I like the bluey colour and the gold ribbon and is sooo cute. These are not just wellies these are amaing wellies. I must though I think it a touch silly to spend a lot of money on wellies as they are going to get muddy, scraped and smelly. So, as £65 I think I am going ot have to let them go.

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hope you enjoyed

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