Wednesday, 18 July 2012

Hair Wars

 I have had reach that dreaded moment in life, when a girl has to choose between two hair care products. :(

I have been a faithful user of the "Alberto Balsam" shampoo, conditioner and intensive conditioning treatment for a while now.  I currently use the "Juicy Green Apple" shampoo and conditioner and the "Honey and Almond Extracts" intensive conditioning treatment. However for going away I bought "Aussie Miracle Moist" shampoo amd conditioner. This purchase has started an out and out war between to two !!

I find that this trio works really well in my hair. The shampoo and conditioner leave my hair smelling great for ages after I have washed it and they work perfectly well in terms of how well they clean my hair. I started using the intensive conditioning treatment because I found that just the conditioner alone was not nourishing enough for my ends.  Another bonus of this brand is how affordable it is, each bottle costs £1, which is AMAZING VALUE, and you know how I love a bargin.

I have now used up all of the shampoo and only have a smidge of the both conditoners left. Normally, I would be rushing out to repurchase them, however another brand has aimed fire at my beloved "Alberto Balsam". "Aussie" !

I bought these two bottles for going on holidays as the were both travel sized and on offer. I had heard good things about Aussie in the past and thought it was worth giving it a go, and im glad I did. I cant say as I have noticed an amzing smell from these products and certainly not one that is long lasting. Also, I am not head over heals for the shampoo, to be honest I notice little diffrence between this and the "Alberto Balsam". However, what has me going gaga is the conditioner !! It is astounding, it makes my hair feel so soft and silky unlike any confitioner I have ever used. In fact my adoration for this product is so strong that I felt my self tearing up when I finnished it this morning :( 

You may well ask, "Sarah, if you love it that much then why dont you buy more ?" Well, the major turn off off this product is the price, now dont get me wrong it is not expensive normally there are offers to get 3 for £10. However, in comparison to the "Alberto Balsam" it is a 233% increase in price, from £3 to £10, with student life approching I cant help but hesitate. Furthermore the "Albertio Balsam" trio works really well for may hair and I dont really NEED the extra nourishment, I just like it, and I dont have any strong feels about the shampoo. However I am one of thoose people who has to use a shampoo and conditioner from the same company, anyone else have this ?

So, the question is who will win this war ? 
The cheap and cheerful "Alberto Balsam" trio or the Could I, Would I, Should I "Aussie" duo ?

Let me know what you think
Thanks for reading
Bye XxX

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