Thursday, 28 June 2012

Wonderful Web

Hello, I have arrived safely back in Scotland, I am sure you will all be please to know. The first post i'm a bringing to you as a somewhat travel woman is a website recommendation. 

My website of choice is "Everything 5 Pounds" 

As the ever so inspired name suggests everything for sale on this website is only £5. Perfect for those on a budget. I recommend this website after being a customer with them on several occassions. I find that the product are good quality for the money. Don't get me wrong they are no where close to the quality of the higher end shops but is no akin to the Primarks of the world. 

Some of the items are not worth the fiver, mostly some of the jewelry items, a few of the items are also well lets just say "cheap and nasty". But, once you look past these items there are some real gems. Another great aspect of this website is that they get new stock every single day !!

 So, there are always new items to choose from. The website allows you to pay in British Sterling, US Dollars and Euros. However it is a british company so items will cost the Dollar or Euro equivalent of £5.  My experence with postage has been that it is fairly quick however they do offer faster delivery it you need it. 

 They also have a really good size range, shoes range from  2.5-8, clothes from size 8-16 and they have a seprate plus size section sizes 16-20. On top of this they also stock jewelry, bags, scarfs, hats, belts, purses, umbrellas, lingerie, nightware and kids clothes.

I feel I ought to mention soon things to be careful about on this website:

Firstly, read the comments that people have written on each product page, particularly for information on sizing as the sizes to vary between products. I think this is because the products are made by diffrent suppliers who's sizings are diffrent.

Secondly, if you see somthing that you like don't wait to long to get it, as they rearly restock items once they sell out. Also putting a item in your basket dosen't reserve it as with some other websites, I learned this the hard way. 

Lastly, with regards to postage charges. Postage charges is a set charge of £3.95, plus extra calculated by parcel weight. This is rather expensive for postage but I quess this is where they make there money. If you are only buying a few light weight products then you postage is likely to be £3.95 or just over. However it you are buying a heavier items such as shoes or just alot of items then your postage will go up. So, before you buy consider if you are willing to pay to postage charge. They do tell you how much your postage will be before you commit to the purchase.

Hope you all have a look at the website and find somthing you love. 
Here are some pictures of my current favourite items.

Thanks for Reading
Bye XxX

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